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Vail Vitality Center

For a day. For a week. For a lifetime.

Located in the Vail Mountain Lodge, the Vitality Center  is a place to be physical, educated, motivated, and relaxed.
We have a full spa offering massage, facials, signature treatments and more. Our 50,000 square foot fitness center is newly renovated with CYBEX equipment. We also offer holistic healing serviceshuman performance testing, yoga, Pilates, Outdoor Fitness and over 50 other group fitness classes.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, competitive athlete, active aging athlete, busy executive, or someone in between, we are here to help you achieve your greatest potential. We will custom design a health and fitness plan that begins with understanding and/or diagnosing your current condition. Then, based on your personal preferences, combine one or more of the specialties listed below:









Create Your Own Vitality Experience

A Sustainable Wellness Lifestyle Just For You

For a day, a week or a lifetime, the Vitality Center offers programs, classes and testing to help you achieve your goals.

  • Fitness – Classes, Private Training
  • Yoga – Perfect For All Levels
  • Spa – Relax and Recover
  • Testing – Performance, Health, Metabolic
  • Medical – Heal Physical & Emotional Conditions
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Learn – Workshops and Lectures
  • Pilates- Group and Privates
  • Private Training- One on One or Small Groups
  • Nutrition – Customized Meal Plans
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Living with Vitality News

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Living with Vitality News

Colorado Workout: Training Outside with Ellen Miller from 5280 magazine on Vimeo.


Spring Spa Specials

Spring Spa Specials are ending on July 1st

30% off 50 minute treatments

50 minute treatments will be 30% off until July 1st. spa specials in vail

Call immediately to schedule your appointment.


40% of 75-100 minute treatments

75-100 minute treatments will be 40% off until July 1st.

Call immediately to schedule your appointment.



Summer Spa Treatment Packages

Available July 1st- Sept 30th

Experience the benefits & results of frequent massage and facials.

  • 50 Minute Classical Massage & Facial TreatmentsFive for $600  save 20% (regularly $750 - $775)

    Ten for $1125 save 25%  (regularly  $1500 - $1550

  • 75 Minute Classical Massage & Facial TreatmentsFive for $900 save 20% (regularly $1125 - $1150)

    Ten for $1687.50 save 25% (regularly $2250 - $2300)

Can be shared with family and friends.  Some restrictions apply.

July 1st through Sept 30th

Call to call to schedule you appointment:  970-476-7721




Have you ever thought, felt or had this experience........

  • You're once again embarrassed on your tropical vacation because you didn't lose the weight you wanted to for the trip.
  • Have you had a hip or knee replacement and not sure how your workout should change?
  • Continuously working out and eating right and nothing changes?
  • Struggling with an injury and unclear about what workout would be best for your challenges?
  • Struggle with getting motivated to work out?
  • Machines and "buff" people scare you into NOT engaging or trying anything at the gym?
  • Afraid the classes are too tough for you?
  • Think using a personal coach is for the "uber" athlete?
  • Struggle with depression?
These thoughts, feeling, and situations prevent people from reaching their goals.
The time is now for a personal coach!
Our personal coaches, with care, support and positive encouragement will help you reach your goals.

You deserve success!

As the marketing manager I have the best job in the world handling the marketing for the Vail Vitality Center Club and Spa, Terra Bistro, and Vail Mountain Lodge. I'm promoting things I love: Health and Wellness, eating and vacations.

My favorite element of the Vail Vitality Center, by far is the people! Our professionals believe their area of expertise is a lifestyle, a calling for them and truly about helping people. They want So much to help people achieve success.
Personal coaching is right for everyone!

Personal Coaching/training Sessions

Buy 3 sessions for $195.  One time only purchase.

10 sessions -

        members $750.00 

        guests     $850.00

20 sessions

       members - $1300.00

       guests -     $1500.00

All Located within Vail Mountain Lodge