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Blake Gould, Fitness Operations Manager

fitness director at vail vitality center

Blake Gould Fitness Operations Manager

Blake is a 2006 graduate of Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA. Played football for the BCU Chargers and was a 3 year letter winner at the receiver/tight end position. Received a degree in Sports/Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. Upon graduating, Blake was awarded as the 2006 Outstanding Sports Science Major award. Blake Gould’s certifications  CSCS, USAW, IYCA SAS1, Ignite360 MasterTrainer


  • Selected as part of the initial class of Ignite360 Master Trainers
  • Have delivered Ignite360 education on a regional basis for trainers and coaches interested in becoming sports performance coach or to enhance their businesses.
  • Ignite360 is the world’s only sports performance based certification and has the most in-depth/comprehensive athlete evaluations and training methodologies.
  • Specialize in overall athletic development ranging from weight loss to speed/agility to power/strength to muscle hypertrophy.
  • Trained hundreds of elementary, middle school, and high school athletes wanting to take their game to new heights.
  • Trained more than 90 Division 1/2 athletes (football, soccer, softball, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, tennis and swimming).
  • Trained 8 professional football players, including the 2012-13 5th leading tackler in the NFL, Jerrell Freeman.
  • Trained hundreds of adult athletes looking to improve their athletic abilities, get healthy, and lose weight.
  • Trained more than 30 elite swimmers, 4 of them qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Trials.
  • Expertise in energy demands, movement patterns, strength/power development, and weight loss.
  • Specialize in adult training and producing results in weight loss and overall health and life improvement.

Hobbies include reading any book that will help me grow, spending time with my wife Becca and two little dogs, spending time with family, fishing, skiing, golfing, working out and watching football.

Contact Blake Gould

Call 970-476-7960 for more information

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Karen Anderson, Yoga Studio Director and Teacher

Karen Anderson has been living in Vail and practicing yoga for over 20 years.  Her yoga practice began as a complement to competitive athletic training, but has become so much more: a way to discover the inner self, to relate better to others, to live ethically and peacefully.

Karen began teaching yoga in 1999 and has advanced certification with Richard Freeman in alignment-based Ashtanga yoga; with Andrei Ram in the hatha-raja vinyasa style of Sri Dharma Mittra; and with Georg Feuerstein in the history and philosophy of yoga.

Karen is certified to teach meditation by Noah Levine in the Spirit Rock lineage. A certified massage therapist, she enjoys the study of anatomy and therapeutic applications of yoga. Karen teaches a traditional, alignment-based practice in a fluid & playful modern context. Karen is a telemarker, backpacker, and travel addict.

Upcoming Yoga Events at the Vail Vitality Center

Read more about Karen here:


Lee Ashley

Lee Ashley first took the Anjali Restorative Yoga teacher training in 2012, and then completed the 200 hour Integrated Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in 2013, both at The Vitality Center with Julia Clarke and Gina Caputo. Vail has been home for Lee for since 1993, where enjoys the mountains and all that they have to offer, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking and rafting.  His own yoga practice motivated him to return to school, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine, with special focus on Ayurveda, Reiki and Homeopathy. 

Winter Training Program for Cycling Winter 2017

Winter Training Program for Cycling with Jennifer Sage starting Tuesday, February 7th- April 13th. Continuing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Watch Video Jennifer Sage talking about the Winter Cycling Program for 2017.

Program Details:

10 Week Winter Indoor Cycling Program

Tuesday and Thursday

4:30- 5:30 pm


5:45 – 6:45 pm

$400 for Members

$520 for Non-Members


Jennifer has also provided us with some reading material!


sageLearn More about your instructor!

Jennifer Sage

The Vail Vitality Center strives to provide the most cutting edge programs available today. Research and testing on indoor cycling helped us create our the Winter Training Program for Cycling only offered at the Vail Vitality Center.

The training is designed to improve your body’s capability to sustain energy longer during your rides. Ride faster up our famous mountains, reduce your fatigue, utilize correct energy stores, increase your power, prepare for your bucket list cycling events, and have more fun on your bike!

Jennifer Sage will be heading up this program. Jennifer is a Master Instructor, founder of the Indoor Cycling Association and professional cycling coach.

She has a degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She has been in the fitness industry since the early 1980’s.

As a Master Instructor for the Spinning Company for 12 years, she presented at international fitness conferences and traveled the country certifying instructors and taught continuing education.

In 2011, she created the Indoor Cycling Association, an online educational resource for indoor cycling instructors. The mission of ICA is to educate and inspire instructors from all over the globe on the science of cycling.

Jennifer’s passion for the science behind the pedaling is evident in all her articles, profiles, and conference sessions. She is an avid reader of articles, books and blogs by many leaders in the endurance coaching field, with the goal of staying up to date with new concepts.

Jennifer Sage is determined to find a way to bring these scientific concepts into the indoor cycling realm in order to optimize results, dispel fitness myths, and reduce the possibility for injuries. She endeavors to inspire students to become completely in tune with them as they ride.

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[pricing_table type=”1″ backgroundcolor=”#b9d8e7″ bordercolor=”#78b6d4″ dividercolor=”#fff” class=”myTable” id=””] [pricing_column title=”10 week program” standout=”yes”] [pricing_row]Feb 7th – April 13th 2017[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$400 ea. Member[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$520 ea. Non-Member[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table][/fusion_builder_column_inner]
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Tracy Long

Tracy is an experienced and caring vinyasa based teacher. She started practicing in 2000 to overcome injury and flexibility issues, and has been teaching since 2008.

Tracy first trained with Mindy Arbuckle where she gained a deep respect for the ancient systems of yoga. Committed to her own growth, she spent several years studying with Baron Baptiste focusing on the power of transformation. Since 2012, Tracy has been blessed to be mentored by and studying under Shannon Paige: a rich and dynamic teacher, poet, and artist, who inspires her to be creative, thoughtful and entirely in love with the giving and receiving of the practice and teachings of yoga. 

Tracy is a versatile teacher, whose big love is teaching foundational classes. Each class offering is thoughtfully based on progressive sequencing to ensure that the student experiences a sense of mastery and self confidence while feeling nurtured and supported throughout the practice. 

Tracy is a 500 hour certified teacher in the School of Embodied Poetics founded by Shannon Paige.

Tracy answers some of your questions.

My role at the Vail Vitality Center: yoga and barre teacher

Why I like V.C: I like being a part of an expert group of teachers. The level of the instruction offered is very high.

Why I teach yoga: It is essential that I feel I have an opportunity to help people and make a difference in people’s lives. Yoga gives me that gift. I realize I could be sitting in a cubicle somewhere making a bunch more money, but I am so dang happy teaching yoga, I can’t imagine doing that.

5 myths about yoga: 

1) yoga teachers are flaky. Some are, some aren’t, just like all people. Remember yoga teachers are humans, too. I know at the VC our teachers are very committed and we take our professionalism seriously.

2) yoga is hippy dippy out there stuff. The physical practice of yoga is concrete: put your right foot here and stick your arms there. This specific and focused movement creates a heightened state of awareness: presence. 

3) I can’t touch my toes; I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. Well, if this is you, that is a compelling reason to start doing yoga for the sake of injury prevention. The only pre-requisite to doing yoga is to show up and start.

4) yoga is a religion. Really? My perspective is that yoga is an invitation to self study. How am I moving and breathing and being? Will this help me in my health and my life? Every day that I have practiced in the last 15 years that answer has been yes, so I keep coming back.

5) yoga is expensive. Personally, I think it is way less expensive (and fun) than going to the doctor, being on lots of medications, and going to the hospital. 

What do I treat? I’m the right teacher for brand spanking new yoga students, alignment geeks, and practitioners who suffer from bouts of self doubt. Me too! I’m like you. 

What’s my favorite activity to reduce stress? Aside from yoga? Walking my dogs out on a trail, soaking up nature.

What’s the most important thing you can tell someone about health? Take a deep breath! and then do that again.

Who is my role model? I don’t know about a role model- I’m working pretty darn hard at becoming more and more of myself. BUT I can say my students are always my biggest teachers.

Nicole Mucciolo

Nicole has been practicing yoga for more than half her life and finally took the plunge and completed the Integrated Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 here at The Vitality Center, studying under Gina Caputo and Julia Clarke. In her experience, yoga has helped her dissuade negative self-talk and improve her self-confidence while consistently finding the playful in everything.  Her classes showcase her experience as a professional ski instructor, a childhood in dance and an infectious energy all her own.

Lisa DeKoster, Spa and Programs Manager


Lisa DeKoster, Spa and Programs Manager at Vail Vitality Center.  She is a licsenced massage therapist and aesthetician. 

Spa Director Lisa DeKoster is a certified massage therapist and licensed esthetician at the Vail Vitality Center. She began her career with Vail Mountain Lodge 30 years ago as the massage therapist for the architect and original owner of the property Fitzhugh Scott (at that time it was called The Vail Athletic Club Hotel & Spa). Lisa was appointed spa manager when The Spa became the first treatment center of its kinds in Vail Village, and has been servicing repeat clientele for over 30 years.

Lisa is dedicated to treatment development and spa design. Early in her career with the Vail Vitality Center, Lisa traveled to Germany to study holistic skincare at the Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic manufacturing facility. The Dr. Hauschka philosophy for health and well-being helped to shape Lisa’s approach to caring for the skin and optimizing overall health. She created The Spa’s service menu to reflect her desire to bring truly therapeutic treatments to the Vail Vitality Center’s guests.

Lisa’s philosophy for healthy whole living extends to the Vail Vitality Center, which she helped to envision and shape, and that now serves as an advocate for true well-being.

Too stressed to sleep? This can help.

Brent Sands CSCS, Certified TRX Functional Trainer

What is your role at the Vitality Center?

I am currently a fitness professional, sports and strength training specialist at the Vitality Center.

Brent Sands in the news!

How a Hockey Strength Training Program Can Improve Your Skills

Vail local to play hockey in Winter Olympics

Certifications CSCS and Certified TRX Functional Trainer

Education BS Degree in Exercise Science and Art (doubled majored) from Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota.


  • NCAA College Hockey Athlete
  • Hockey strength and skill Instructor since 2007
    • Former professional hockey player
    • Pensacola Ice Flyers
    • Mississippi Surge
    • Louisiana Ice Gators
    • European Professional hockey-Finland
  • Center for the Vail Yeti Hockey Club

Why do you like working at the Vitality Center? I love the easy accessibility, the beautiful location, the wonderful amenities, and the quaint student to teacher ratio I can share with my clients and classes. What’s not to LOVE?! ITS VAIL!

Where and how were you educated? I received my Bachelors at Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota.

Why did you choose this profession? Health and fitness are a passion of mine! Work becomes play when you have the blessing to live your passion.

What do you like best about your job? The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my client’s expression when they hit their goals and achieve desired results.

What are you most skilled in treating? My area of expertise is sport specific training.

What are the top 5 biggest myths about what you do?

  1. Trainers love to see you in pain….actually pain does not need to be present for growth to occur and, in many cases, it is counter-intuitive.
  2. A trainers job is to help you lose weight…..actually my job is to help you make smart, attainable and specific goals, while coaching preventive care…after all exercise is medicine.
  3. One hour is the perfect amount of training time….workout protocols differ depending on the goals and individual. Each client needs a personalized exercise prescription shaped to his or her needs.
  4. Women who lift weight will bulk up…..Women’s testosterone levels are much lower than men’s. Therefore, they are not capable of building large muscles. In fact, since muscle takes up less room than fat, women tend to lose inches when they strength train.
  5. I don’t have time or energy to work out hard to see results…Truth is, even moderate activity is shown to reduce heart disease and stroke. Any exercise is better than none.

What types/kind of clients that respond the best to your treatment?

I enjoy working with ALL generations and all skill levels. If you have a great positive can-do attitude and a strong work ethic, then you need to come see me!

What your favorite activity to reduce stress? I don’t live with stress; we live in Vail haha but a few of my favorite activities include weight lifting, playing hockey and painting.

What the most important thing you can tell someone about their health? I believe the key to staying healthy is staying happy, humble and thankful.

How do you explain what you do in 50 words? I am a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. I motivate my clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. I measure my client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

What are the top 5 problems you treat?

  1. Self Confidence.
  2. Fear of improper use of the weight machines, dumb bells or exercises
  3. Poor nutrition.
  4. Inadequate hydration.
  5. Weak range of motion, strength and flexibility

Who is your role model? My role model is Dwayne the Rock Johnson. He is always working harder and striving to be better everyday at ALL his professions.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Meaning to place your attention in a special way, a Vinyasa practice is characterized by fluid movement linked to the breath, and an emphasis on alignment. Our Vinyasa Yoga classes are designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing, and a strong focus on the power of breath awareness. While classes reflect the distinctive personality and background of each of our teachers, all follow the principles of transformation and embodiment that define Vinyasa Yoga. Expect to get your heart pumping in this sweaty, soulful flow!

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CWX picCW-X’ patented support web helps support your muscle and joint function no matter how you like to break a sweat. With greater efficiency in movement, better shock resistance, and increased circulation its no wonder you will have a faster recovery time, less fatigue and better endurance. Now with CW-X you have no more excuses, get out there and do your best!