Train to be as strong as you’ve ever been on or off the bike. Train for a specific athletic event. Train hard because if feels great to keep up or be out in front on group rides. You’ll be ready for anything from cycling the Colorado mountain passes, dirt trails and roads, to cycling the Pyrenees.

Our indoor cycling programs are customized to get you in the best riding shape of your life. We offer spin classes as well as indoor and outdoor seasonal cycling programs.

  • Outdoor Cycling Program

Outdoor Cycling Program

The Vail Vitality Center Outdoor Cycling Course is a 6 week periodization program combining power and heart rate. The training is designed to improve your body’s capability to sustain energy longer during your rides. Ride faster up our famous mountains, reduce your fatigue, utilize correct energy stores, increase your power, prepare for your bucket list cycling events, and have […]

  • Indoor & Outdoor Performance Cycling

Indoor & Outdoor Performance Cycling

Extended for 4 More Weeks
4 Weeks to Smashing Your Cycling Goals!
April 29-May 22
Join Jennifer Sage during the mud season as she trains you to increase your power so you can smash your cycling goals this summer! These indoor cycling classes are specifically designed to target and improve your threshold power, high cadence power surges (useful on the mountain bike […]

  • Spin


Our Cycle Conditioning classes will take you through all the fundamentals of a solid biking program, plus offers a great cross-training opportunity for a well-rounded cardio workout. Held on our indoor Keiser M3 spinners, our certified instructors will “guide” you through a series of hills, jumps, sprints, and flats – all with great music to keep you going!

Classes will […]