What you’ll Find at the Vitality Center

The Vail Vitality Center is a place to be physical, educated, motivated, and relaxed. Whether you’re a recreational, competitive or active aging athlete, we are here to help you achieve your greatest potential.

We will custom design a health and fitness plan that begins with understanding and/or diagnosing your current condition. Then, based on your personal preferences, combine one or more of the specialties listed below:

Medical & Holistic Practices
Medical & Holistic Practices >>Based on your personal preferences and needs, our medically licensed or certified holistic doctors will diagnose, treat and help heal you physically and/or emotionally.
Athletic Club
Athletic Club >>After testing and analyzing your physical condition and outlining goals, a targeted routine will be tailored for you. We help all levels of athletes achieve their fitness goals.


Therapeutic Spa
Therapeutic Spa >>An integral part of achieving peak performance and overall well-being is to reduce the amount of stress in our lives. Our spa treatments are deeply relaxing while also providing specific therapy for your needs.
Spa & Club Boutique
Spa & Club Boutique >>We offer a wide selection of fitness gear, yoga clothing, skin care products and more.
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