signature spa treatments

Our renowned signature spa treatments go beyond a sensual journey and are provided by our most experienced practitioners. In many treatments we brush the skin or exfoliate with natural minerals for cleansing. Some include soaks in organic herbal rich mud or aromatic bath oils for nourishing the skin. These treatments help with dry skin that is common in high altitude areas such as Vail. All include therapeutic massage to guarantee a deep state of relaxation. These treatments will stay with you.  Check out our Summer Spa Specials starting on June 27th- this includes our specialty treatments!

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Select from our signature treatment menu

  • Lu’Lur Ritual

Lu’Lur Ritual

The ritual begins with a warm rose and yogurt footbath. Next the skin receives an exfoliation with turmeric, rice powder and sandalwood. A massage follows with a rich Kukui nut oil and cocoa butter. Facial anointing with sacred Tamanu and jasmine oil complete this sensory journey.

100 minutes | $300

  • Green Tea & Ginger Sea Enzyme Body Wrap

Green Tea & Ginger Sea Enzyme Body Wrap

To start, the skin is cleansed with a grape seed exfoliation scrub. Next, your body is masked in a nutritious seaweed enzyme. The treatment is completed with a full body massage with Epicuren’s aromatherapy body hydration lotion.

100 minutes | $300

  • Salt Glow and Aromatic Bath

Salt Glow and Aromatic Bath

This ultimate skin exfoliation treatment begins with gently skin brushing followed by a sea salt scrub. A warm lemon bath, excellent for skin elasticity, leaves you refreshed and prepared for your relaxing massage.

100 minutes | $300

  • Nature, Body and Spirit

Nature, Body and Spirit

If you have just one treatment at our spa, this should be the one. The skin is dry brushed leaving it receptive to the essential oil that follows. The chest, neck and face are gently compressed with warm lavender and rhythmically treated. Scalp and foot massage complete the treatment.

100 minutes | $300
Add warm stones | $20

  • Moor Remedy

Moor Remedy

After a vigorous body brushing, we immerse you in 20,000 year old Moor Mud. Our Austrian mud is known for relieving inflammation, aches and pain. A relaxing massage with Moor Lavender oil completes the treatment.

100 minutes | $300

  • Thai Herbal Therapy

Thai Herbal Therapy

Essential oil of ginger provides a relaxing bath. Then steamed herbal poultices filled with organic ginger, lime and tumeric are pressed and rolled into the muscles to ease soreness, stiffness and inflammation. A massage with thai herbal oil takes you into a deep, deep state of relaxation.

100 minutes | $300