The Winter Sports Conditioning Program

Winter is Coming!

Did you know you’ll experience fatigue, and very possibly injury, if your muscles are not strengthened properly for your favorite winter sport? When muscles fatigue, the environment is ripe for injury, even if you’ve been hiking and biking religiously all summer.

Unfortunately, those patterns of movement don’t necessarily provide comprehensive winter conditioning for your sport. Our six-week ski and snowboard conditioning and injury prevention program focuses on progressive sport-specific exercises and patterns of movement that safely improve your ability to resist fatigue and enable you to squeeze the most out of every day on the mountain, ultimately making you a better athlete. Winter Sports Conditioning Program was prepared by Angela Muzic with VVC coaches and The professionals at the Ski and Snowboard Club.

For Strength Conditioning and Injury Prevention

October 10 – November 18, 2016

Watch the Introduction Videos from Angela Muzic


  • 30 sessions
  • discounted private coaching sessions
  • discounted massages
  • 3 body compositions
  • nutritional guidelines
  • one FMS
  • take home programming
  • weekly prizes and giveaways
  • weekly emails and social media forums



EARLY BIRD (through September 30, no exceptions)

Members         $249                            Non-Members             $399, includes membership

October 1 – 10 pricing

Members         $299                            Non-Members             $429, includes membership

In order to make this the most effective program there is a Mandatory Orientation for participants.

Mandatory Orientation for participants – VAC Fitness Studio

All participants must attend one of these orientations and wear workout clothes and shoes. We will do a basic FMS and body composition as well as discuss specifics of the program.  The orientation is crucial for your success in this program and to be ready for the winter season.

When you sign up for the program please also sign up for your orientation

Times available

Monday         Oct 3, 6 pm

Tuesday         Oct 4, 9 am

Wednesday   Oct 5, 6 pm

Friday            Oct 7, 12 pm

Class Times

Strength and Conditioning sessions.

If you are signed up for the program you can choose any of these times each day but we want you to participate 3 days a week for the strength and conditioning sessions and 2 days for stretch and recovery.

Monday | Wednesday | Friday

6:15 am

9:00 am

5:45 pm

Additional Private Coaching Sessions for the Winter Sports Conditioning Program.

If you find that you need a little personal attention during the program you can choose a private session to get you on track for maximum results.  If you are not sure please talk with Angela Muzic and she can assist you with the best decision for your body.

(unlimited during the 6 weeks for participants only)

Single Session            $65

3 pack                         $180

Stretch and Recovery sessions

Tuesday | Thursday

9 am  Pilates Mat for recovery.

5:30 pm  45 minute stretch and foam rolling session

Additional Recovery Package

for optimal performance and body maintenance we are offering single session massage.  They are unlimited for the length of the class and only for participants. It is highly recommended for recovery to have massages during this program.

Single Session Massages

Targeted Massage    25 min              $45 per

Classic Massage        50 min              $80 per

If you are looking for more individualized attention we have Winter Sports Conditioning Private Coaching!

These coaching sessions are provided to give you the attention you want to make this the best winter season and make it injury free!  You will also receive the same benefits as the group program but you will have the one on one sessions.

Call the Vitality Center Front Desk to sign up for the class or private instruction.  970-476-7960